VersionTECH. RGB Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic USB Wired Optical Mouse Mice with 7 Colors LED Backlight, 4 DPI Settings Up to 2400 DPI, 6 Programmed Buttons for Laptop PC Computer Games & Work – Black

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Customer Reviews

Remember, this is a pretty cheap price! Don’t expect a whole lot and you’ll be satisfied!

by Rachelle (

 I am not a pro gamer, but I do play the occasional MMO. In fact, I’m playing one now and have been using this mouse. Please remember this is a cheap mouse and probably like most of you kind folk, bought this because of the eye candy glowing YUMMINESS.

The Pro’s:
– Works on Microsoft 10
– Smooth turning. I have no problems like the user M W had when moving the mouse really fast
– VERY yummy colors and not only does it go through the rainbow, there are many times where multiple colors are glowing at once (vid doesn’t capture it yet, I guess)
– The scroll wheel does have ticks, and it’s a softer feeling than some others, which I appreciate
– Literally got it today, took it out of the box, plugged the USB into my laptop and instant usage. I did have to change the mouse speed setting to my preference.
– Shape of the mouse is fine, no issues or complaints
– I lightly grip my mouse, so I do not feel the cut outs/grip slits on the side of the mouse that others may complain about

The Cons:
– Feels like a cheap mouse. It’s very lightweight, lighter than my mini Logictech. Feels like nothing is inside and it’s all cheap plastic. You’ll feel the cheapness as soon as you start clicking.
– I personally don’t like mice with wires, so I’d love to see a wireless version
– When not lit up the pattern looks…not so nice. Surprising how much the glowing colors sell this thing.
– The very top tip of the mouse can’t quite light up like the rest. I assume the light doesn’t reach that far up. This is a small con.

Honestly there is nothing that I’m absolutely disappointed in when I purchased this for $10. Biggest gripe is that it’s so light.

I hope my review helped you make a decision !

Fits my hand, bright lights, good for gaming, BUT may be fatally designed!

by Tiana Nicole Scott (

I love this mouse! I got when I a new desktop a few months back because I hate how small the standard mouses are. This mouse actually fits my hand comfortably and it works very well for gaming. For reference, I’m a female with medium sized hands. Not to mention it looks pretty darn cool! There is no way to turn off the lights without unplugging it from the desktop though. This mouse lights up pretty bright, so if you are light sensitive and have your computer in your bedroom, it may cause issues for you when you’re trying to sleep. I am light sensitive but luckily I have my desktop(and my mouse) in a rolltop desk, so I can’t see the constantly changing, bright light of the mouse when I’m trying to sleep.

HOWEVER, I have recently come across a potentially fatal issue with this mouse. It seems as if it is having random technical issues, and sometimes will point up and spin for a second or two. This has happened twice. It’s not that big of an issue, unless you’re playing a game. Which is what I was doing both times that it happened. It’s quite disorienting when you’re in a game to have your mouse suddenly make you look up and spin and can easily cost you the whole game! I’m hoping those two times were just flukes, but if it keeps happening I’ll be forced to replace this mouse with one that doesn’t randomly spin. Pretty useless as a gaming mouse if you can’t trust that it’ll always do what you want it to do.

Will update this review if I end up replacing the mouse or if the spinning stops.

Odd, slightly ergonomic shape, LED’s, cheap price

by Jeffrey MacAskill (

Coming from a generic Microsoft mouse the shape of this one takes a bit of getting used to. It’s a lot bigger physically, which for me is great. Haven’t found a use for the thumb placed (right handed mouse) forward/back buttons yet but it’s cool that they’re available.
The only downside, that I didn’t think would bug me as much as it does when I read the reviews before buying, is that the 3 zones (left/right/palm) of RGB LED’s are basically stuck in ‘DEMO’ mode and constantly change color when the mouse has power. It cycles through Red/Green/Teal/Blue/Orange with a couple turning Yellow and/or Pink for a second before restarting the cycle. For the price I didn’t feel it worth knocking a star off, after-all 90% of the time my hand is covering it and I can’t see the LED’s at all.
Has 3 DPI settings/modes…snail/tortoise/cat basically. Haven’t played around with it to see how much of the speed is based on Windows 10 mouse settings but ‘cat’ mode defaults to slightly faster than my previous mice while snail/tortoise default to taking hours/days to traverse my 1080p screen (not literally of course but much too slow for gaming). ‘Cat’ mode did make Far Cry 5 easier to play so despite the modes sounding like a gimmick I believe they actually change how the laser reads.

Great for the price!!

by EvilBob (

The Mouse looks cool and lights up. It’s recognized on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 Linux. All the buttons work and the wheel feels nice. I bought this mouse because it was cheap and I needed one for for a public PC lab (harsh environment). I’m a Man with large hands and this mouse is comfortable for me to use. My 5yr old daughter also likes the mouse so I bought a 2nd one for her to use. She can grip it and says it’s fine it looks big in her hand but she can use it to play Stardew valley, and Minecraft without any trouble. I’ve attached photos of the bottom. Look at those huge mouse skates this thing glides across the desk!

A few Notes or concerns. It’s a very right handed mouse. I don’t think a lefty would enjoy the side button placements. I also have concerns about the cable where it attaches to the mouse. There is a big gap (or cutout) between the buttons and the cord has such a tiny anti stress boot I can’t imagine it lasting for years and years with heavy gaming use I’ve already run the cable over with the mouse a few times. But again for the price I’ll just get another. Some of the buttons feel a little squishy and less clicky than my Razer Deathadder mouse but they all work. I’ll try to update this review as the mouse ages.

Overall I’m impressed with the quality vs price. Thanks!

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