HP 15.6" Laptop, AMD A6-9220 Dual-Core Processor 2.50GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Radeon R4 Graphics, DVD-RW, HDMI, Bluetooth, HDMI, Webcam, Windows 10

15.6″ display: BrightView glossy screen maintains the vivid colors in your photos and videos. Typical 1366 x 768 HD resolution. WLED backlight.

AMD Dual-Core A6-9220 Processor 2.50GHz, up to 2.90 GHz.

4GB system memory for basic multitasking: Adequate high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once.

500GB hard drive for serviceable file storage space: Holds your growing collection of digital photos, music and videos. 5400 rpm spindle speed for standard read/write times.

AMD Radeon R4: Integrated graphics chipset with shared video memory provides solid image quality for Internet use, movies, basic photo editing and casual gaming.

Built-in stereo speakers: DTS Sound creates a virtual surround sound experience for your music, movies, streaming Web content and games.

Weighs 4.52 lbs. and measures 0.9″ thin.

3-cell lithium-ion battery.

2 USB 3.1 port maximizes the latest high-speed devices, also includes 1 USB 2.0 ports.

HDMI output expands your viewing options.

Built-in media reader for simple photo transfer: Supports SD memory card formats.

802.11b/g/n (1×1) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 combo.

SuperMulti DVD/CD burner: Reads and writes to a wide variety of media formats, including DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, DVD-RAM and double-layer DVD.

Headphone/microphone combo jack.

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Summary : Screen Size, Screen Resolution, Graphics Coprocessor, Graphics Card RAM

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Customer Reviews

Like previous viewers have said

by M. M. Zaborowske (Amazon.com)

Like previous viewers have said, this laptop comes with a lot of bloatware. Right out of the box I did a Windows 10 reset and it was gone. After that, it was a screaming fast machine! It does not come with a word processing program, but Apache OpenOffice (google it) is a free download and it is almost everything that Microsoft Word is. I am not one to be heavily involved with spreadsheets/Excel, so this program was great for me…same interface as Word. For the price, you would be hard pressed to beat this laptop. Just be sure to do the Windows 10 reset (very easy…just takes a bit of time) before you do anything else or else you will be plagued with preinstalled trials, bloatware, and silly programs.

Useless out of the box

by Anumber1 (Amazon.com)

Useless out of the box. This machine was crippled with HP bloatware/crapware that rendered it unable to function. It wouldn’t make it through Windows update out of the box. After using Windows 10 Fresh Start and reinstalling the operating system without the manufacture provided crapware the computer is fine. None of the provided software other than Windows 10 is needed or what you want.

It is not a "2018 Newest" nor "Premium" laptop. The one I received on 02-14-2018 has a build date of 01-17-2017. Well over a year old. This is a back stock, low end machine. HP Model # 15-bw011dx.

This computer is enough for basic web browsing and office tasks as well as video streaming.

It has an all plastic case that is flexible and flimsy. Cheaply built, suitable for protected environments. This is not a rugged machine.

Not the best choice unless it can be purchased really cheap. Like sub $250 cheap.

Good System if you delete bloatware

by Martimus Q (Amazon.com)

For the price, you can’t complain. Just remove the bloat-ware and it is a solid machine.

Great… but like the others say you have to wipe it to make it functional.

by Addy (Amazon.com)

All of the reviews are true both good and bad. The bones of this computer are great but the Windows 10 version and all the extra junk HP loaded on it make it function like a computer from the 90’s… with dial up practically.

I knew what I was getting myself into based on all the reviews. I initally tried resetting windows 10 and manually deleteing the bloatware in the control panel but it was still super slow and laggy and the crud I had just uninstalled kept popping back up.

I knew I was out of my league so I call a local PC repair place and for around $40 they wiped it and then reinstalled Windows 10 in just a few hours.
It now runs smoothly and is exactly what I wanted and needed.

I would suggest that if you are not tech savy (I’m not) you pull a favor from your PC savy friend (or bribe with food and drink) to do the work. Or if you are a quasi shut in and have no PC savy friends reseach what it will cost to have it wiped and Windows 10 reinstalled in your area by a local shop and factor that into the price.

Overall it is a decent price for a decent computer but it will take a little work to make it functional.


by Clarence E. Royce (Amazon.com)

Yeah My 8 year old Dell finally had to go but I searched endlessly for a replacement but either the machines were too costly, Or quirky and not reliable and not liking what i saw in the Store, I remembered my old pal AMAZON sic.
After retirement I no longer work in full time journalism so i didnt -really – need a 1k laptop, As in todays world I’m mainly a Bond Flipper and a -Part Time- writer so naturally i need a reliable laptop and this one meets the need etc.
Frankly for like $280 this was a real steal as similar Laptops here go for about 400 and sometimes more and my housekeeper – couldnt believe – the price.
Now ‘My Criteria’ were not more than $500 as i paid 550 for my old Dell, Plus i wanted a Good Workhorse type that was reliable, An had a good parts supply and wasnt too big and bulky.

Naturally the low cost as you cant beat it for what you get!.
Light weight as its easy to carry!.
Attractive appearence!.
Slip Proof Casing as its easy to carry!.
So far its Very reliable, Or in short it runs!.

Hard to believe it’s 2018 and doesnt have AC wireless!.
A teeny bit big for my liking as its 15.5 an I’m kinda a 14 man.
Hard to upgrade, Yes it will come apart bit its a – Chore- for real!.

True it doesnt have all the ‘Bells an Whistles’ but for my purposes it’s good enough and I’m not out a Grand for it either.
Yes I know others had problems but the first time Win 10 went into upgrade mode i just wiped the Drive clean, And put Ubuntu on and it runs like a ‘Scalded Dog’ an without all the hassels an bugs you get with Windoz sic.

Now if your a Gamer, Or do a LOT of Video I’d look elsewhere but if you just want a plain jane machine or something for one of the Kidz then this may well be for you, For as usual HP makes a nice laptop an kudos to Amazon for fast delivery and i’m a Happy Camper!.
Nuff Said: Indiana ED

HP Premium 15.6″ Laptop, 2018

by Charming (Amazon.com)

New version, 2018. This laptop works right out the box. However, I was not careful beforehand:
1) Update the Windows 10 at once. So as to activate the Internet Security with Defender on guard. Free of charge. For other suite soft wares, decide later. 2) My Internet provider has a 5G max. This laptop goes to an average 2.4G. So, pay attention to what you need prior to buying.

Pc is very slow out of the box. Not even good for beginners. Barely plays low end games.

by Addison (Amazon.com)

So besides the long wait on shipping the product got here and it turned on no issues. But like everyone else out of the box the cpu usage was at 100%. I reset the whole thing and reinstalled windows and the problem was not cured. I bought it for the cheap price but even cheap should mean useable. If you can afford to spend more and not get this laptop, do it.

UPDATE 4-10-2019

Laptop is still unbearably slow. I did the fresh start reset and still is slow. I’m not sure how everyone else got theres to be fast but I just can’t get mine to that point. I definitely regret this purchase.

Don’t buy HP

by Treebeard (Amazon.com)

Absolutely ridiculous purchase. Click on Chrome, IE or Firefox-3 pages open and I cannot type in any search bar. Try to read an ebook? Takes minimum of 15 mins to open the book, and then it sits for another 5 or so before you can turn a page. Want to open a word doc? Forget it. I’ve had this for two weeks so there’s nothing to even defrag-I’ve run multiple virus scans etc. This is not user error. This is a bad product.

Soruce : //www.amazon.com/dp/B078YCMD67/

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