Dell Inspiron 15 Intel Core i3-7130U 8GB 1TB HDD 15.6" HD LED Windows 10 Laptop

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Summary : Screen Size, Screen Resolution, Graphics Coprocessor, Graphics Card RAM

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    Arrived On Time and Good Condition

    by Kryptonite (

    I am an iMac person and purchased this computer to run a couple of applications that don’t run well on the Mac OS like MS Word. This laptop at under $400 is a great value, in particular the memory you get, but the keyboard has a bit of a cheap feel to it. If one is getting a cheap laptop, the amount of memory is important since Windows is a memory hog. Anyway the performance from this laptop is excellent other than the keyboard.

    My opinion

    by Delaney (

    I returned this product due to what I would consider lack of research on my end. From what I had researched it sounds like a good laptop, my problem was the size and weight. I was looking for a light and little laptop with the basics. This laptop might be best for someone who doesnt plan to take the laptop on the go with them often.

    A very good basic laptop

    by joe (

    I bought this laptop for school and was very pleased with it. It dose have one hiccup and that is it can get a bit slow at times. Not to big of a problem though. I would definitely recommend this computer for students or those who are just looking for a basic computer for light use.


    by KB (

    The quality of the screen is great. The laptop is weighted, but I don’t mind. This is my second Dell laptop and I wanted to replace my older one because it runs very slow. Thus one takes forEVER to start up. About 2 minutes from power on to the main screen and then the internet is slow. I’ve used it twice. Will have someone troubleshoot to make sure it’s not user error

    Turtle slow

    by jason hashley (

    This thing is soo slow. Slow. Very slow. Takes forever to load and forever to bring up anything. Tried downloading an external DVD drive since the unit I received did not have one built in as described. It should have taken at most 5 minutes but it has taken over 30 minutes so far and is still not done. Acts like it has a virus it’s so slow.

    the one i received doesnt work right

    by Lauren (

    there’s something wrong with the one i ordered. it wont start up and there’s lines on the screen. im pissed.

    Just what I needed

    by pbona12 (

    I started a new job in September where I’d be working from home a couple days each week. So I needed something to handle multiple programs running at once, remote accessing my work computer, and last through daily use. So far, more than 8 months later, it has been perfect. It’s easy to work on each day, it handles all the programs I can have going at once (like 5 or 6 sometimes), very easy to type on and I love the volume and brightness control buttons along the top. And it was so cheap compared to the Best Buy price and of course other computers. I was a great purchase and hopefully it holds up well for me….fingers crossed!

    Good products..

    by peteyoon (

    I like it,..

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