Dell A6-9220e Inspiron Flagship High Performance Laptop, 11.6"


Screen Size:11.6 inches

Touch Screen:No

Storage Type:eMMC

eMMC Capacity:32 GB

Graphics:AMD Radeon R4

System Memory (RAM):4 GB

Processor Model:AMD A6-Series

Processor Model Number: A6-9220e

Operating System:Windows 10

Backlit Keyboard: No

Operating System Architecture: 64-bit

Screen Resolution:1366 x 768 (HD)

Display Type:LED

Type of Memory (RAM):DDR4 SDRAM

System Memory RAM Speed:2400 megahertz

System Memory RAM Expandable To: 8 GB

Number Of Memory Slots:2

Graphics Type:Integrated

GPU Brand: AMD Radeon

Video Memory Type: Shared

Processor Brand: AMD

Bluetooth Enabled:Yes

Headphone Jack: Yes

Number of USB Ports (Total): 2

Number of USB 2.0 Type A Ports: 1

Number of USB 3.0 Type A Ports: 1

Number of HDMI Outputs (Total): 1

Wireless Networking:Wireless-B, Wireless-G, Wireless-N

Ethernet: 10/100

Number Of Ethernet Ports: 1

Battery Cells: 2-cell

Battery Type:Lithium-ion

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Summary : Screen Size, Screen Resolution, Graphics Coprocessor, Graphics Card RAM

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Customer Reviews

so you’ll need to buy something like a Micro SD card with 32-64 gb

by James (

For the price, can’t complain. It’s a tiny, light laptop. But I honestly think my phone is more powerful.


It’s got basically no storage space, so you’ll need to buy something like a Micro SD card with 32-64 gb.

You legitimately cannot update to the latest version of windows without removing some pre-installed stuff because it has that little room.

Speaking of the bloatware that comes pre-installed on it.. You can basically improve the performance of the laptop by 75% just by doing the Fresh Start feature in Windows 10. Before I did this, the CPU was constantly running at 99%. It’s chilling at about 20% now. It took about 5 hours before I gave up trying to fix the horrible performance myself and just did the Fresh Start.

Great Option for Students and Casual Users at a Good Price Point BUT get a MIcro SD card!

by Eduardo R. (

I am pleased with this device and use it for a few activities while on the road traveling: email, word processing and web surfing (videos). This is great for students and the form factor is small so it is perfect for travel. However, there is some work to get it going out of the box and if you are a technical person, you can make this system run well. As a technical person myself, I will break up my review into 2 parts – a non-technical section and a technical section.

Out of the box, everything is loaded but the upgrade process (windows and system updates) will require an external drive or a micro SD card (I used a 256 GB micro SD card inserted into the slot on the side). Go through the update process, activate your 1 year of Microsoft Office 365 and enjoy. I would recommend going to a technical shop and upgrading the memory to 8 GB especially if you want to watch videos and allow the system to move a little faster. Also be careful of the limited hard drive space because that will slow things down and make use of the SD card when you save or download things. This process can take about 4-6 hours because of the limited hard drive space and depending on your internet connection.



– Make sure you activate your 1 year of Office 365 as mentioned above.
– Go to the Dell support site and enter the service tag to download all the drivers and key Dell software for this device (I placed them on my Micro SD card).

As many of you know the amount of "bloatware" is huge. I did a clean "custom" install of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit completely erasing all the partitions (the system out of the box has Windows Home and a couple of recovery partitions with Dell drivers and utilities). I created a local administrator account (since none of the drivers were installed). I proceeded through the update process to patch and update the OS (I hardwired with a USB ethernet connector to my network connection). After several reboots, the update process completed and the base OS was ready. I then went through and installed the Dell drivers for Audio, Wifi, Graphics, Chipset, Micro SD (the default was loaded with windows install) as well as the Dell Support Assistant and a few others. After several reboots, the system was ready. At this point, I have about 13GB of free space on the hard drive. I then installed Office and several utilities that I use. I made the changes in the Settings to manage storage and save everything to the micro SD card. I still recommend upgrading the memory to 8 GB. By the time I was done, I had about 11 GB free on the hard drive. This process is also about 3-4 hours to get everything ready to go and current. Please note that the hard drive is 32GB eMMC flash and is not upgradeable to an SSD (The eMMC is soldered onto the Motherboard). NOTE: you are removing all the recovery partitions and utilities but if you are technical, you know how to recover.

Overall: I am really enjoying this little laptop and it’s perfect for on the road. I would have loved the capability of the touch screen but the extra cost for the touch model was not worth it for me. I use an external mouse and can do what I need. I also bought a Chromebook and I sent that back in favor of this system. I hope this was helpful. Enjoy the 2018 Dell Inspiron Flagship High Performance Laptop, AMD A6-9220e accelerated processor 2.5GHz, 11.6 inch HD (1366 X 768) Display, 4GB DDR4 SDRAM, 32GB eMMC Flash Memory, Windows 10 (Gray)!

This was an unfortunate purchase

by Lynn Sherman (

This computer was purchased simply for the purpose of viewing the internet. I added Google Chrome as it is necessary to view some of the sites. This computer has a 32GB hard drive and is designed to run on Windows 10. However, Windows 10 and all the “accessories” MS includes uses up 27GB. It takes at least 8GB to install the Windows 10 update, so that can’t be completed. I don’t know how long the computer will continue to function without updates but by the time I discovered this problem, the return window had closed. Dell isn’t the only company that is producing products with this problem. This has been a very discouraging but educational experience.

Great buy!

by Mattadamsdietmanager (

Laptop arrive really fast thank you Amazon Prime! Came brand new, loaded really fast with my WiFi and with several more connections I noticed once I saw it up close. Came with a cord and it also can connect to land line high speed internet as well. I also ordered the usb Ethernet adapter cable. The laptop is fast for new Dell. Great affordable deal new 2018 11.6 inch laptop. My apps loaded very fast as well

No charger!

by linda walter (

I can’t believe this came without a charger

Works well for everything i need it for

by Bre Puetz (

This laptop is very compact. I did have to buy an external harddrive to be able to keep all of my schoolwork with me. I use this to play minecraft, listen to music, and do schoolwork.

Five Stars

by Murray (

Perfect for collage, performance is really good for the low price

Its better than some of the reviews

by Carter (

This is my updated review of this computer. In my first review I was quick to read other negative reviews. I tried most of the recommendations to make this machine what it is not, with little or no results. Plus I was frustrated with a small drive. When all that didn’t work, I called Dell and this is how this product got upgraded to 5 Stars in my book. Dell tested the machine online with me on the phone and diagnosed a faulty motherboard, replaced it for free (shipping free as well) and now I have what the good reviews describe: a light weight, relatively fast, small laptop. I will say it does work better with 8gig of RAM and a 64gig storage. But nevertheless a good deal: good display and keyboard.

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