Apple MacBook Air (13-inch Retina display, 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 128GB) – Gold (Latest Model)

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Customer Reviews

Great Upgrade

by Rehomore (

I’ve been playing around with the new Air for the past five days and so far at least, am quite happy that I decided to upgrade from my 2013 version. That computer has provided excellent service for the past five years and still works well, but when I saw that Apple was offering $265 on a trade in, I decided to go for it. Here are my early impressions:

It looks and feels better. It is sleeker, and surprisingly lighter, smaller and well, just nicer to play with. Slimmer bezels and thinner case make this computer extremely portable. I was a bit hesitant to go with the gold color, but it looks great and the color is a bit darker than the rose gold IPhone that I have.

It is faster. It has a better processor and more memory. Maybe for complex tasks the Pro might be better, but for everyday web browsing, video watching, music, email etc., the new Air is definitely an upgrade.

The retina display is beautiful. Not to take anything away from the 2013 model, which has an excellent display, but this is very nice. It’s not quite as bright as the older model, and I find myself adjusting it to the highest, or near highest level. This is obviously affecting battery life, which seems good to me in any event. But I don’t think 12 hours is a reasonable expectation, unless the screen brightness is set pretty low.

The keyboard is nicer and the speakers sound surprisingly good. Pretty amazing when you consider how thin this laptop is. You will notice more bass, and clear and louder sound. The touch ID is cool. It recognizes my fingerprint in a split second with no issues.

On the negative side, it’s expensive. For the price, it should probably have more hard drive space. And it’s a somewhat ridiculous $200 to upgrade to 256 GB. I also kind of wish it had a regular USB port. Welcome to the future. It does have a regular phone jack though. That adapter you need for the newer IPhones always bugged me.

One more thing I just remembered. The viewing angles have been drastically improved. On my old Air, you had to tilt the screen just right and place it directly in front of you. Big difference here.

Overall, this is a very beautiful laptop, and a great update if you are looking for something new.

Good Laptop but Overpriced

by Al Roge (

It’s a great laptop, especially love how the gold matches the new iPhone XS and the Series 4 watch however it is overpriced by at least $300. The processor performance is closer to the Macbook 12″ rather than the Macbook Pro. The Macbook Pro can be had for just $100 more and with sales on the pro happening often, I wouldn’t really suggest anyone to go with this when you can get a lot more for your money for virtually the same price at places like Best Buy.

Worth the 999 if you can find it for that for a base model.

by Amanda G. (

I really like the fact that this little comp does everything it claims to do – extremely well. Yes, it’s expensive but it is Apple quality and NO MS Windows!! I grew up on Windows and will not go back to that as my “daily driver” after Windows 8. Don’t get me wrong I do have another Windows DT that I use sporadicly, but MS lost me for good at Windows 8!! MS machines are cheaper, but you do really get what you pay for.

Folks are getting this little guy confused with a Mac Pro. Yes, those are more capable laptops, but they are more expensive and most people do not need/want the added performance. If you really want TOP screaming fast gamer performance I wouldn’t buy a Mac at all. I’d buy a PS4 or an Xbox.

It’s a great deal for an Apple laptop at 999 plus tax. I was not going to pay 1100 for it, as I would have went for a Mac Pro if that were the case. That said I do NOT NEED over 128GB on board, as 3rd party external storage is very cheap, and the added cost is not worth $200 inmo. BTW I am on the computer for business and this is laptop is not a slouch. It’s gotten an unfair shellacking online, but is definitely worth the $999 price, if you can find that. I happen to live near a store tat was doing a pickup only for that price.

I love the fingerprint security. It’s a huge time saver! As far as sweat shop labor, please name me a US manufactured computer and I’ll be all over it and I’m not talking one you “build” with all “slave labor” parts.

Folks get really upset for no reason about other people that prefer Macs over Windows. Save your energy for something productive!

Buy it if you need it for the usual tasks of a ver small laptop computer. If you need a HEAVY gaming/video photo device then obviously don’t buy this one. It’s simple, just look at the specs folks. The air never claimed to be a PRO or an Xbox.

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